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Elévon World is a digital fashion platform for Emerging Womenswear Designers who are looking to showcase and sell their latest garments to a wide audience.

Elévon is a vehicle to accelerate our designers’ collections to market faster and better prepare them for breaking into the Fashion Retail industry’s sale-cycle.

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Elévon, born in 2012, has been supporting Creative Fashion Designers through the difficult early stages of starting a business through a catwalk event platform and other marketing services. We now focus on revenue generation on behalf of the designers through online sales as well as wholesale orders.

Using our extensive supply chain network, we provide our Designers access to key industry specialists and connections. Elévon World provides access to fabric suppliers and manufacturers for those designers who require this service.

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With a degree in Fashion Product & Promotion, Rita Roushdy is a passionate designer with big ideas.

Born and raised in Egypt, Rita fell in love with the North East when she came to the region to study and soon discovered the amazing array of talent and like-minded individuals who shared her passion for fashion and style.

Rita is an expert in fashion related branding, design and marketing and set up Elévon in a bid to discover the next wave of global talent and showcase their work alongside hers in a string of high profile events throughout the UK.

“I always dreamed about setting up my own fashion label and wanted to take the industry head on. I came to England to study and discover a whole new lifestyle,” explains Rita.

“After graduation I ended up organising a small fashion show in one of Newcastle’s nightclubs
And before long I was organising large-scale sell out shows throughout the city. The events I organised pushed me to go further into my career and gave me the confidence I needed to better myself and to go full-time with my clothing label.”

Aside from a fierce passion for drawing and designing, Rita takes great satisfaction in hosting first class fashion showcases for emerging designers and witnessing other people achieve success through. Elévon is a key driving force in her life.

Rita feels it is her duty to provide a platform for new designers and to make them feel the way she did when her garment was showcased for the very first time.

Rita Roushdy
Managing Director

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Website Developer

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    Website Designer


      Want to take your fashion career to the next level; do you have what it takes to succeed?

      Are you a young fashion driven, hard working, proactive designer who wants to succeed?

      What would it mean to you to showcase your designs at industry leading fashion events?

      Want the world to hear and see your fashion line and brand? Contact Elévon - The Number One National Stage for independent and emerging designers. Gain Exposure and Inspire.

      Want to develop your fashion brand, make killer industry contacts and showcase your work in front of the nation's fashion media? Contact mel.buchanan@elevonworld.com today and join our world.

      Do you have a thirst for fashion and have something to say? Are you an avid blogger and want the world to read your words? We want to hear from you! To become a Lifestyle Journal contributor email rita.roushdy@elevonworld.com today!

      For all sponsorship enquiries and packages, contact rita.roushdy@elevonworld.com

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      Starting a fashion label is a difficult task for any emerging designer with a lot of aspects of the business to become an expert in. I believe that the Elévon business venture is a great way to support emerging designers through their difficult early stages whilst they develop their business skills and better prepare them for entering the retail industry’s sale cycle.

      Kate Dawson, Manufacturing Expert

      Having worked with Elévon, It provides an excellent platform for emerging designers. It provides route to commercialisation and offers designers access to industry specialists as well as providing marketing and sales services which is a major challenge to others in the industry

      David Reay, Supply Chain Expert

      “Fashion designers find it difficult to secure sales, Elévon World is a game changing service for helping new fashion brands through the difficult early stages of starting a business.”

      Meagan Wellman, M-SEW - Fashion Designer

      David Reay has had a life long career in the international clothing & textile industry, working across the globe from East to West, from Shanghai to Casablanca, Beijing to LA, gathering a lifetime of knowledge and contacts along the way.

      He has a network that spans the world, including leaders of global brands and the supply chain companies that work with them, David understands the textile manufacturing world inside out, from the needle point to the board-room.

      David has shaped some of the world’s leading names, holding senior posts in the UK and with postings around the world, some hostile, some inviting, all interesting and culturally diverse. David has a wealth of experience.

      His worldwide connections are across the industry, whether that be sourcing fabrics, or working with innovators of cutting edge textile technology.

      David Chairs the Northern Clothing & Textile Network. After forming his own company and acquiring the John Partridge brand David experienced first-hand what it is to own and run a small business. Realising that this is very different to the corporate roles he had previously held David began to think about the kind of support the up-and-coming-brands of the NE need. This led to the launch of Northern Clothing & Textile Network in 2016.


      David Reay
      Supply Chain Expert

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